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Services Offered at Faimon Chiropractic, Your Omaha Chiropractor

At Faimon Chiropractic, our Omaha chiropractor, Dr. Jeffrey Faimon, offers many treatments to reduce pain. Whether you have work injuries, sports injuries, or auto accident injuries, with ongoing chiropractic care, you should notice a significant difference in your quality of life.

Here are the services our chiropractor in Omaha proudly offers.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture is the practice of using tiny needles to treat pain. These needles are inserted into the damaged area, soothing the pain points in that area. If you’re nervous about having needles inserted, ask about our needleless acupuncture.

Work Injuries Treatment: If you slipped and fell, pulled a muscle, broke a bone, or suffered other injuries on the job, call our chiropractor in Millard. Dr. Faimon specializes in work injuries treatment through chiropractic adjustments.

Sports Injuries Treatment: If you’re an athlete, you shouldn’t play through chronic pain. Instead, call our Millard chiropractor. No matter which injury is nagging at you, we can reduce your pain with our sports injuries treatment.

Auto Accident Injuries Treatment: Car accidents are terrifying. You may have whiplash, which stretches the muscles in your neck. Your shoulders and back may ache. With chiropractic adjustments and other auto accident injuries treatment, you should be able to return to a life of less pain.

Pregnancy Chiropractic Care: Our Omaha chiropractor also offers pregnancy chiropractic care. During pregnancy, your body undergoes many changes, some of which are painful. Dr. Faimon can reduce achy backs, sore legs, and more.

All Other Chiropractic Care: Whether your pain is caused from an old injury, a medical condition, or something else entirely, come see us at Faimon Chiropractic. With spinal alignments and manipulations, our chiropractic care targets the spine. You’ll be surprised when your symptoms and your pain disappear.

About Faimon Chiropractic

Faimon Chiropractic is led by Dr. Jeffrey Faimon, our chiropractic in Millard. Dr. Faimon has decades of experience working as a licensed chiropractor. He will start by inviting in patients for a complimentary consultation.

For the first appointment, Dr. Faimon will mostly listen. The goal is to get a good idea of what could be causing your pain. He may run some diagnostic tests. Once Dr. Faimon has confirmed his diagnosis, he will sit down with you to discuss a plan that should work to treat your source of pain.

At Faimon Chiropractic, we boast a high rate of success and flexible scheduling for all our patients. You can come in without having called ahead and still see Dr. Faimon that same day. Everything we do is patient-focused. We know that some patients are short on time and we respect that. That’s why we’re so service-oriented, so we can offer caring, efficient service faster.

Our office will take care of insurance billing, even for personal injury and worker’s comp claims. Call us today at 402-884-5599. You can also visit us at on 4979 South 155th Street in Omaha.

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